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Where to go around Château de Percey

The departement of Yonne named after the river Yonne lies in the north of the Burgundy region. It is a very rural area, with acres and acres of agricultural land and deep forests. On the more steep hills you can find the vineyards of the famous Chablis-wines, as well as the beautiful vineyards in the Auxerrois and Tonnerrois. The Yonne has a rich history, an always changing landscape and wonderful people. Here are some of our favorite things to do:

Châteaux, abbey’s and cathedrals

The chateau’s of Tanlay and Ancy-le-Franc are the nearest and most interesting to visit. Ancy-le-Franc is an Italian Renaissance chateau with it’s original wall paintings and furniture. The chateau of Tanlay is still owned by the same family that dates back from the 16th century. A little further away lies the pentagonal chateau de Maulnes.

Abbaye de Pontigny

Twenty minutes away in the village of Pontigny, you can visit the Abbey of Pontigny, one of the 3 famous abbeys in the region. The others are Fontenay and Vezelay (about 1 hour from Percey). Auxerre and Troyes are the cities to visit if you wish to see impressive cathedrals.

City’s, towns and villages

Percey lies between Auxerre, the capital of the Yonne, Troyes in the Champagne area and Avallon on the border of the national parc the Morvan. Percey lies in between St. Florentin with its medieval church and Tonnerre with its mysterious Fosse Dionne. According to history the Fosse Dionne is the home of the Serpent Basilic. Only 20 minutes on the other side of the Canal de Bourgogne lies Chablis, where on every corner of the street you can taste the best Chablis wines the region has to offer. A very intriguing village is the medieval town of Noyers sur Serein, only 30 minutes away. Most of the fortress walls and donjons’ are still in place and you can take a beautiful walk along the river Serein.


In the historical centers of Auxerre, Sens and Troyes you can go for a day of fun shopping. There is plenty of choice for a days out. And if you wish to do some serious shopping you can go to Paris. By train only 1,5 hours away. The “TER” will take you right to the Gare de Bercy in the South of Paris.

Wine and cheese tasting

The Yonne has a lot of beautiful products, called “produit terroir”. In a radius of 20 kilometers (12 miles) around Percey you can visit cheese farms like the Soumaintrain cheese, a raw milk cheese with a very distinctive taste and smell. In Beugnon you can taste and buy foie gras and many products made with foie gras. Further north there is a deer farm where you can taste all kind of deer terrines and patés, for example one with Marc the Bourgogne or Chablis and almonds. Of course they sell also deer steaks, tenderloin and filets with a ready made hunting sauce. Delicious!

Brocante and car boot sales

Every Sunday from April to late October there are brocantes and car boot sales, called “vide grenier”. Every village has at least one a year. For a trained eye you still can find little treasures. These markets are always an excellent way to discover the region, see some local history and taste their “boudoin”, (blood sausage), a nice baguette and a glass of apple or pear cider.

Walks & sports

Walk for miles and you may only meet a dog, a fisherman and a horse. Fish along the canal or river Armançon, cycle, canoe, kayak or make a flight in a glider at the nearby glider aerodrome of Chéu. Or play golf in Tanlay or Chaource. It is all possible.

Classical music festivals

Many of the chateaus, abbeys and old cities have classical music festivals. There are all kinds of concerts, recitals and soirees: From chamber music to Renaissance, theme concerts on French composers to English choirs singing on the occasion of a 1000 year old religious friendship. We are happy to help you with any reservations.


If you want to visit gardens we can help you on your way. Our garden is also open to the public.

Contemporary art

Love to see more contemporary art in the region? We can recommend some fine art gallery’s, artists ateliers and museums in the region. Every year a lot of the Yonne artists (called artistes Icaunais) hold a “portes ouvertes” (open doors) weekend.

Wining & Dining

Burgundy is famous for its excellent food and drinks. We can recommend you the crème de la crème for every budget.